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DigitennaMax® lets you see local news, live Network Shows (FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS), kids (PBS) and Sports (Football, Baseball, Soccer, and more) in crystal clear 1080p High Definition. No cable or satellite subscription, or receiver box required. Simply plug in the antenna and you're done.

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Stop paying for overpriced cable and satellite fees! Keep access to your local news, weather, sitcoms, sports and kids programs in HD through Over-the-Air TV signals such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and others.

  • Easy to Install

  • HD 1080p

  • 25 Mile Range

  • No Monthly Bills

"This digital antenna is one of the best on the market. There is no comparable product when it comes to value for money. The sheer range of channels and the incredible picture quality puts it up there with some of the most expensive antennas, and yet it is completely affordable. It knocks all other competition out of the water"

- Paul Robertson

Founder of TV-Expertise

What is DigitennaMax?

Easy Installation

Simply plug the coax cable in the back of any TV, and scan for channels with your existing TV remote.

HD 1080p Support

Enjoy crystal clear HDTV in 720p, 1080i, or Full HD 1080p depending on what your TV supports.

Stop Paying for Cable

Since you can get almost every channel for free with DigitennaMax, you can save tons of money by cancelling your cable.

25 Mile Range

The long range allows you to reach broadcast towers that are far away, delivering channels you barely knew existed.

No Monthly Payments

This antenna is very affordable, and once you have it, you don't need to pay another dime to watch TV ever again.

Crystal Clear Picture

We have spent considerable effort perfecting the signal capture of DigitennaMax, so you can enjoy the highest possible picture quality.

How To Install DigitennaMax

It literally couldn't be easier. No technical knowledge required, simply follow this simple process and you're ready to watch HDTV for free!

"Bye Bye, Cable!"


I finally decided to cut the cord, so I needed an antenna to watch local stations. I was blown away how easy it is to get free HD local networks! My wife really only watches network TV so this was perfect for us. Our kids only watch streamed stuff so this works perfect for us adults. I read a lot of reviews and Digitennamax was very high rated, so I felt comfortable buying it. Once it arrived the setup was easy as pie. I just plugged it into the antenna port on the back of the TV, then I scanned for channels on my TV. It took 10 minutes and I got 73 channels, all the good stuff like Fox, PBS and tons of other stuff. The 1080p HD quality is amazing, it's perfect really, I really mean it. I watched the NFL playoffs last weekend and I'm already looking forward to watching the next game!”

- Mike Prospero

Verified reviewer

Highest Rated HDTV Antenna On The Internet


A Real Antenna By Real Experts

"This is a fantastic product! Installation was super easy, and it receives 50+ channels with no cable bill. The slim profile means it is light and easy to install unobtrusively"

"Price is very reasonable, especially considering the money you will save on cable. We LOVE this antenna and we recommend it to anyone looking to cut cable"

"Thoroughly impressed with the picture and audio quality. We got 33 channels - 8 of which were audio only - about 26 more than I knew existed in my area. Pretty cool, and all of them are crystal clear HD!"

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